Being Intentional


IMG_1838Last Friday I picked up Avenly at her bus stop and we headed to to buy the girl some new tennis shoes. You know kids, a pair every few months! Lori and Kade are in Thailand for the homeschool conference and I thought it would be a good idea to take Avenly to KFC for lunch, let her go to Pink Latte which is her favorite shop, and buy those shoes. After Pink Latte and a new pair of pink tennis shoes, we were making our way back to the apartment when I noticed we needed gas. As I was heading to the gas station Avenly and I were singing at the top of our lungs, having fun, laughing. Before I knew it a patrol car (like the ones pictured) behind me hit the lights and a voice on the loud speaker asked me politely to pull over. I obliged.

Two policemen walked to my door and asked if I was okay. I had no idea why he was asking such a question so he clarified with an onomatopoeia word and motioned with his arms like he was driving a car. He then asked if I was sleepy. Although I never left my lane I guess I was weaving a little. I started laughing, rolled down Avenly’s window so that they could see her, and explained how she and I were singing and I was watching her through the rear view mirror. They seemed to like the story and laughed with me. It was all good! I thought that would be the end of it… or at least I hoped it would be.

They asked to see my license and alien registration card, which I quickly handed over. They asked about the vehicle as well and I explained that my organization owns it. This blew the doors wide open and led to an amazing opportunity to share a little. I explained how our organization has been in Japan for over 100 years, I told them what kind of work I do in Nagoya, and about the work our organization is doing in Tohoku (earthquake/tsunami hit areas). They seemed genuinely grateful when I mentioned the Tohoku volunteer work and wanted to know why we help. I told them I love Christ, believe in Him, and want to help others so that they can hear about His love and know Him too.

What a moment! I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation with these guys. They were so nice and engaged the whole time. They finally returned my license and alien registration card. No ticket, no warning, nothing. They just gave me friendly smiles and a reminder that when I’m singing while driving to please be careful.

Lesson, at least for me: Always be intentional. And when the opportunity is before me, take it! Perhaps you, like me, miss opportunities to share Christ because you are scared, feel unprepared, or any number of other reasons. That’s not our judgment call to make. When God says speak, we are called to obey, to be committed. And by living intentionally we find that those opportunities are all around us. Let’s be intentional when we walk out our door – someone you/I will meet today needs Christ!